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It’s one thing to have chef-made meal prep delivered to your door. It’s another to also be radiating health and joy as you navigate the paths of fitness and entrepreneurship. My life embodies both.

Harvesting wisdom from those who’ve walked in our paths is essential for growth. Throughout life, we’ve had mentors, our favorite high school teachers, sports coaches, and senior colleagues. All who have lit the way, sharing knowledge and turning obstacles into stepping stones and complexities into clear skies.

That is my hope with starting this blog.

If you’re living in this wide-open world of fitness (physical or mental), starting or building a business, or all around just living ya best, dopest life, This blog is for YOU.

Let me share a bit of my back story and get you caught up.

My Journey to Meals of Dopeness (Spoiler: It hasn’t been simple)

Just over 10 years ago, I moved to Washington DC.

Young latina business owner standing in front of White House

During this time, I learned the ins and outs of marketing and communication (my first, and last, official big girl job outta college). I was kicked to the curb 9 months in due to budget cuts. I was shook. But, little did I know, this would plant the seed for my first business that same weekend!

Diverse Group of People perform Soka Tribe Dances on the Front of a Washington Post Article
  • Ya girl was hustling. I went back to barbering, waitressed my way through the DC brunch and fine dining scene, was a host for a high-profile online magazine, and taught soka dance classes all around the country #whatdontshedo
  • I took a leap and pursued my passion for fitness. I became a certified personal trainer, and began putting the work in full-time at a gym. I was changing the lives and shifting the mindsets of DMV professionals.
Latina Bikini Body Builder Wins Small Silver Trophy
Latina Bikini Body Builder wins large trophy
Latina Bikini Bodybuilder wins 3rd place and is holding a sword.
  • A moment of clarity shattered my past life. I quit my job and launched my own fitness coaching business and meal prep service. Mind you, this was all while competing professionally and successfully in bodybuilding as a Bikini Competitor. 

Despite the trials and tribulations I faced, in 4 years, my meal prep service, Meals of Dopeness, became a 6-figure business.

Latina Fitness Trainer happily coaches client
Latina woman with lots of meal prep in her kitchen

During this time, I have worked with various NFL & NBA players complimenting their workouts with Meals of Dopeness. We have donated over 7,000 meals throughout the DMV. We’ve proudly fueled 100’s of amazing individuals striving to live their healthiest & dopest lives.

Latina lady with surgical mask on stands a happily with many prepared meals

I went from rocking heels and a blazer in the Pentagon, to doing pop-us and selling my amazing food to government employees.

The #1 Lesson I’ve Learned and Why You Should Stick Around. (Not just the Bomb Meal Prep)

Through the ups and downs, if there’s one key I’ve learned, it’s to have faith in myself. Cuz ima always figure it out, even if I trip over my own feet on my way.

One of my blog posts may just be the key you need. It could help solve a problem, spark a new idea, or reignite the motivation to keep at it! 

Embark on this journey with me! It’ll be a shared voyage of discovery, growth, and unparalleled dopeness.

New posts will be launched weekly! So make sure to check back in each week on Wednesday! (Coming up, I got some fire business discussions that are critical to success. Plus a post demystifying weight loss from the perspective of calorie-dense food.) 

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Finally, if you have a question, idea, or topic you want me to discuss, reply below and I’ll see what fire I can cook up!!

Stay happy, stay healthy.. Stay DOPE! <3 

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