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Dopefam, maybe you’re on the verge of quitting.

You could be feeling overwhelmed by problems at work, at home, your relationships. 

Maybe you’re not seeing the weight loss results you want.

Believe me, you’re not alone. 

I’ve been through it and continue to go through it. Life do be lifin’.

Check out this Instagram video where I talk about some of the darkest times in my business and the amazing results of persevering. 

There are countless reasons to throw in the towel, especially during low points like the one I described or perhaps the one you’re encountering now.

So in times like these, you need reasons NOT to give up.

Dopefam… here are 10 of them…

1) You are incredibly lucky…

It’s easy to be consumed by our feelings, and forget the blessings we have.

  • Struggling with your business or job? Be grateful you have one.
  • Overwhelmed at home? Consider the value of having a place to call home.
  • Frustrated with relationships? Think about the fact that you have people in your life.

Just remember, someone always has it worse. 

It’s natural to focus on what’s lacking, but adopting a perspective of gratitude can be transformative. 

This moment is an opportunity to appreciate what you have and recognize the potential within your challenges.

inspire reasons to never give up

2) Everything worthwhile takes time, effort, and sacrifice.

Anything in life you want is going to be difficult.

Getting the six-pack requires many days of dieting and discipline. 

Building a business requires untold hours of pain-staking work on repeat. Late nights and weekends.

Consistent sacrifice is the common denominator. Nothing in life worth having will come easy. 

Remember this, the higher the difficulty, the more rewarding it will be.

lady standing on mountain after a difficult climb but she had reasons to never give up.

3) Believe it or not, people will be glad you quit.

This may sound weird…

But the pursuit of your dreams is a reminder to others of their unrealized potential. 

It’s painful to watch you shine brightly. 

Do not allow others to dim your light, persevere, shine brighter, and inspire.

Standing Strong against the haters she has reasons to never give up.

4) Your potential is only limited by you.

The best athletes, entrepreneurs, and artists, all have one thing in common…

They never gave up… 

You could have infinitely more talent.

You could be the absolute best at something…

But the world will never know if you give up.

A single bird in a beautiful sky where there is no limits!

5) The costs are much higher for quitting.

Imagine the aftermath of quitting. 

How will you feel? How will you view yourself? Who are you letting down? 

More importantly… what dreams do you lose out on? 

What opportunities are you forever closing the door to? 

The things you will lose far outweigh any momentary comfort you may gain from quitting.

The weight of giving up out weights all else

6) The Domino Effect of quitting vs. the power of perseverance

The more you quit, the easier it becomes to quit in the future. 

Each time we give in to the temptation to quit, we erode our self-trust.

This erosion can manifest as a lack of confidence, unreliability, and self-imposed limitations…

It infects every aspect of our lives and leads to a future filled with unfulfilled potential and regret.

BUT…If you stay in the game you’re still making progress, no matter how slow it can be at times. 

You are building positive momentum, habits, and discipline that will compound into your next win!

The Domino effect of quitting.

7) You must improve before you can win.

If you’re taking L’s it’s because there’s room to grow…

They are lessons, not losses. 

Life is telling you exactly what you need to become the version of you who can win and can achieve what you desire. 

You simply need a bit of determination to realize the lesson in front of you.

If you were the version of you who could achieve your dreams, you’d have already done it.

So don’t look at difficult times as a sign to quit or that you can never achieve your goals. Instead, treasure them as a source of growth and a test of your will, and realize that just around the corner may be your next win.

Persevering flower growing through cracks never gave up.

8) You may just be on the other side of greatness.


Tomorrow could be when everything clicks and you get your next win! 

The perfect opportunity could walk through the door, and you will miss it because you already left the room.

Often our greatest success comes right after our toughest time.

woman didn't give up and found gold on

9) Unfuillment awaits.

Do you want to go through life wondering what you could have been?

What bright beautiful source of light you could have been for others?

The joy you could have experienced?

A future filled with “could have’s ”…

For those whom quitting becomes a habit, this unsatisfying reality awaits them.

upset unfufilled woman sits pondering life since she gave up.

10) Life is much more fun & fulfilling on the hunt for something bigger.

What sounds more fun? 

Going through life with no objective. Same ole’ same ole’ every day. No push for improvement. No changes. Just stagnation. 


Picking a new destination, creating a game plan, and embarking on an adventure full of exciting experiences?!

A new opportunity to break barriers and grow!

I don’t know about you, but there’s something really dope about proving yourself wrong…

 Showing yourself, you really are capable…

 Feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

the exciting path ahead for those who have reasons to never quit.

You have so many reasons to never give up Dopefam ♥️

Never Give Up, Dopefam.

The fact that you’ve considered quitting means you have a worthwhile goal ahead of you.

You’re right where you should be…the bleeding edge of growth and achievement.

At the bleeding edge, you have two options…

Are you going to rise to the challenge, stretch yourself to grow and overcome, and emerge from this challenge better than ever before?

Or will you choose comfort, and forever wonder what could have been?

Let this message be a beacon during times of doubt, a reminder of your strength and potential.… bookmark this message…

Return to it in moments of doubt, cuz we both know, challenges will come again.

If these words resonate with you, pass them on to someone who might need this spark of encouragement as much as you did.

Together we can make it. Never give up Dopefam. 

The best is yet to come…

Stay up. Stay dope.

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