what is your weight loss journey equivalent to

Have you lost motivation on your weight loss journey?

Finding and keeping motivation can be a challenging part of the process…

It’s easy to become fixated on the numbers on the scale and lose touch with the bigger picture.

Using real-life comparisons to visualize our weight loss goals or achievements can not only be motivating but also surprisingly enlightening.

For example, if you’ve already lost 10 pounds, consider what that’s equivalent to…

A typical bag of potatoes

is your weight loss journey equivalent to a sack of potatoes

An Average House Cat

Think about it…

What’s the equivalent of your weight loss journey so far?

Here are a plethora of other fun comparisons to invigorate your weight loss journey.

Check out the list and see what your goal compares to!

Leave a comment with what you’ve lost or want to lose!

Table of Goals!

    1 Pound

    A package of butter (4 sticks)
    Loosing 4 sticks of butter to motivate your weight loss journey

    A guinea pig

    5 Pounds

    The Average Chihuahua

    15 Pounds

    10 Dozen Large Eggs
    is your weight loss journey 12 dozen eggs?

    A male howler monkey
    howler monkeys

    20 Pounds


    30 Pounds

    The amount of cheese an average American eats in a year
    lots of varieties of cheeses

    44 Pounds

    An Elephant’s Heart

    66 Pounds

    The fats and oil an average American eats in a year
    assortment of commonly eaten oils

    75 Pounds

    1200 Parakeets

    100 Pounds

    2-Month Old Horse
    cute baby horse with mother

    111 Pounds

    The red meat an average American eats in a year.
    Tons of ribeye steaks

    120 Pounds

    The amount of trash you throw away in a month.

    130 Pounds

    A newborn Giraffe
    cute baby giraffe

    140 Pounds

    The amount of refined sugar an average American eats in a year. 
    bag and bowl of sugar

    150 Pounds

    The Complete Oxford English Dictionary
    Oxford English Dictionary Set

    200 Pounds

    The average Fridge.

    235 Pounds

    Competition Weight Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    For my Homies on Their Weight Loss Journey

    I hope this blog puts things in perspective for you!

    Whether you’re trying to lose a Koala Bear or ditch Arnold, with the right lifestyle changes, you can sustainably lose the weight…

    I believe in you! ♥️

    Stay Positive, Stay At It, Stay Dope.

    chef dopeness

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