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Sourced from the Meals of Dopeness Google and Yelp client reviews, here are 6 Reasons Why People Choose MOD Meal Delivery Service.

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    1) The Meals

    meals of dopeness shrimp
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    meals of dopeness salmon
    a) Flavor

    An MOD non-negotiable is Flavor. 

    The most common problem with healthy meal services is that they sacrifice flavor for health. 

    This makes an unsustainable service in the long run. 

    But…Chef Dopeness has unlocked the key to making healthy food that does not lack flavor.

    Taking inspiration from cultures worldwide, you can trust that every meal you purchase will burst with flavor. 

    MOD’s delicious yet nutritious food makes it easy to stay on track and enjoy every meal!

    b) Quality

    Superior attention to detail in both the cooking and the meal assembly process is paramount. 

    From the packaging and presentation to the ingredients and aesthetics, Meals of Dopeness strives to please.

    c) Uniqueness & Variety

    With a new menu every month, plus an exciting weekly special where Chef Dopeness lets her creativity fly. 

    MOD’s dishes are unlike the dull meals you’ll find at most healthy meal prep services. 

    There is never a lack of exciting and fun options that will help keep you coming back for more. 

    Check out this week’s meal options!

    d) Fresh Never Frozen

    Every Meal of Dopeness is prepared, then refrigerated, and delivered within the next day. 

    No frozen food.  Just fresh, delicious meals.

    e) Macros

    Using her 8+ years of fitness coaching, body-building success, and experience cooking tens of thousands of meals, Chef Dopeness has a special skill in creating satisfying and delicious meals that don’t break the macro and calorie bank.

    All meal macros are calculated and provided for easy and convenient tracking!

    2) Concierge Customer Service

    No large call centers and no rude customer service reps. All communications go directly to Chef Dopeness herself

    With professionalism and personality, Christina makes you feel like a top priority!

    In addition to emails and calls, all clients have direct text access to Chef Dopeness so she can ensure complete satisfaction with your meals and delivery!

    Email, call, or text at any time of the day, and Christina will get back to you as soon as possible.

    meals of dopeness customer service

    Check out some of our favorite client feedback here on our Instagram

    3) Delivery or Pickup Options

    Servicing the DMV area, all Meals of Dopeness clients can have their meals delivered to their destination of choice, or they can pick them up directly in our kitchen in Washington, DC.

    4) Invaluable Time Savings

    Saving their customers anywhere from 8 to 20 hours every single week, Meals of Dopeness is an invaluable asset to the busy professional, parent, or anyone trying to be their best self.

    If you want to prepare your own meals at home, think about all the time spent…

    searching for new food ideas…

    shopping and waiting in line at the store…

    prepping the ingredients…

    cooking the meals… 

    packing up your meals… 

    and everyone’s favorite…washing the dishes.

    Skip it all and imagine what else you could do with that time every week…

    From more time for making invaluable memories with your family and friends to getting ahead in your business or personal ventures, your time is your most valuable resource. 

    Let us take something off your plate by putting some bomb food on it. 

    5) You’re Supporting a Small Business

    Forget the money-hungry, faceless national meal prep services that view you as no more than a number.

    Meals of Dopeness has NO hard-to-cancel subscriptions that lock you into buying meals you don’t want.

    Instead, you get hand-crafted meals made with passion and love, delivered straight to your door, backed by superior personalized concierge customer service.

    meal prep small business

    Every dollar you spend at Meals of Dopeness supports the hopes and dreams of a person just like you.

    6) Chef Dopeness

    meals of dopeness ceo, owner, founder, operator, christina ruiz, chef dopeness

    The heartbeat of Meals of Dopeness is Owner, Operator, and Founder Christina Ruiz, aka Chef Dopeness. 

    Christina has an eclectic set of life experiences, from growing up a first-generation Mexican-American in a single-parent household, to graduating college and moving across the US to pursue a career in the political world in Washington, D.C…

    Latina Professional Stands Happily In front of white house

    After being laid off, she worked a series of jobs, such as waitressing, teaching dance classes, and even barbering, before eventually landing in the world of fitness.

    First, she was a natural bodybuilding competitor and fitness trainer. Now, she is an entrepreneur in Meals of Dopeness and Sabores Catering, as well as with Nutrition and Personal Fitness Coaching…

    christina ruiz body building victory
    meals of dopeness Nutrition and Personal Consultation for Weight Loss
    christina ruiz meals of dopeness

    She has defied all odds.

    Christina embodies resilience, dedication, and hard work, all while doing it with a smile. 

    Her glowing personality, passion, and love for what she does are evident in everything she does, from the meals she makes to the customer service she provides and everything in between. 

    Our Why at Meals of Dopeness

    Meals of Dopeness is more than just meal prep. 

    It is a…



    way of life.

    It’s about eating nutritious food and being happy about it because it doesn’t even taste like meal prep… 

    Building a sustainable relationship with food that will serve you throughout your whole life… 

    Helping you be your dopest self by giving your body the best fuel possible and freeing up your time so you can focus on what matters most to you. 

    Meals of dopeness for busy parent
    happy family happy meals of dopeness
    meals of dopeness busy professionals

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